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If you are not familiar with the world of gambling, you might find yourself asking the question – what is a gambling jurisdiction? Allow me to try and make this a quick and simple explanation.

Gambling is a complex industry and gambling laws have been put into place to establish a set of rules and regulations applicable to a specific country or jurisdiction.

Contrary to popular belief, gambling law is not a separate arm of the law. It is actually a mix of several laws, namely criminal, contract, competition, regulatory, administrative, constitutional, and company laws.

The gambling law also becomes more complex for countries that have different levels of gambling legislations. One good example is the US where the gambling institutions needs to abide both the state and the federal laws to be considered as a legal operation.

Here at Govistics, my mission is to provide you with the knowledge about the different gambling jurisdictions in and outside of the US.

With a high number of online gambling and casinos that are popping up and enticing potential customers, I also find it important to cover gambling jurisdictions that are applied for online gambling and casinos.

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